The Best Places in Boston for Insanely Cool Instagram Photos

Are you a photo freak? Then you would certainly love to wander around to get the best spot to capture pictures after reaching a destination. Well, it’s not easy to find the perfect place to click photos. However, if you have decided to travel to Boston, then finding exquisite backdrops for clicking pictures and posting it on your Instagram profile is not a daunting task. Boston, Massachusetts is a pioneer place for capturing special moments. Each space offers a unique experience and you can enjoy the visual feast to the fullest. Listed below are the top destinations in Boston for cool Instagram photos.

Boston Public Garden

Although it is the oldest place, this public garden is a place you shouldn’t miss at all. Present at the city’s heart, this garden gives numerous options to click special memories. The bronze duckling statues and George Washington equestrian statue give impeccable backgrounds. The interesting part is that these are decorated often for different seasons. Its flowers and landscapes are quintessential to be clicked. You can click selfies with swans in Boston Swan Boats.  

Harvard Bridge

Get an incredible sight of Boston Skyline at Harvard Bridge. It gives you a chance to click photos at good angles by providing skyline view near Longfellow Bridge. You get multiple chances to snuggle the moon and capture its rise. Moreover, several sites like the golden dome and skyline telephoto image give you classic clicking possibilities.  

Charles River

Charles River is yet another spot offering numerous options to click memorable pictures. People can usually be spotted biking, running along the pathways, or boating in the river. Its scenic view is highly satisfactory and you will love to visit here to click pictures.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill will leave you awestruck with amazing overall locations, including cobblestone streets, brick sidewalks, narrow roads, and exquisite dwellings. Beacon Hill bestows wonderful exploring opportunities besides gearing your photography skills as you can get the best telephotos using ultra wide-angle lens anytime, anywhere. Beacon Hill is home to various academicians, politicians, and big-wigs. Massachusetts State House and Acorn Street are quite popular for photography there.

Skywalk Observatory

Skywalk Observatory offers the best aerial view as it is located 50 stories above the surface. You can easily capture the panoramic view of the surrounding areas and even the entire city. The need for a helicopter gets reduced as you get an aerial view from this building. Along with sweeping wide angle shot, you can try zoom-in shots too, which will certainly appease you from this height.

Boston has astounding surprises for photography lovers. Apart from these five places, it has innumerable spots offering the best locations from the perspective of clicking pictures. Visit Boston to bag special moments!


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